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Shakespeare’s Rape of Lucrece
performed by Elena Pellone

St. Paul's Church
Covent Garden, October 2023

“It is in bringing out the poem's potential to destabilize culturally re-affirmative accounts of sexual violence and to fracture the gendered construction of identity that such violence enforces. By virtue of Pellone's embodied performance, Lucrece climbs the stage to take on and play off all the cultural ascriptions directed at her as a violated woman. She takes back full possession of her story and of herself.”

Prof. Zeno Ackermann

University of Amsterdam
June 2024

Bois de Vincennes
Paris, June 2024

Théâtre du Soleil
Paris, June 2024

Shakespeare Association of America
Portland, Oregon, April 2024

University of Erlangen
Germany, November 2023

University of Würzburg
Germany, November 2023

Stratford-upon-Avon and Safeline
May 2023

Shakespeare's Coming Home! Festival
Stratford-upon-Avon, March 2022

The Verona Shakespeare Fringe Festival
July 2021

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