Anərkē Shakespeare

Anərkē Shakespeare creates innovative, fast-paced productions by an actor-led ensemble, without a director, inspired by the working conditions in which Shakespeare concieved his plays. Combining scholarship and creative practice, they offer a democratic response that effects diversity in casting, re-instates authority to actors, text and audience, and creates a living theatre that is “myriad-minded” and not restricted to the 19th century introduction of the singular vision of director-designer.


Transforming the way theatre is created and shared.

Past productions

Richard II

Rose Theatre, Kingston-upon-Thames

no director 

Rose Theatre 22.jpg

A feast of fine acting, and a revelatory

X-ray of the structure of the play...

Professor Richard Wilson, Kingston University

Richard II

University of Würzburg, Germany

no director 


Considerably more convincing, striking and provocative than many artfully calibrated or outrageously daring instances of (German) directorial theatre.

Professor Zeno Ackermann, University of Würzburg

Richard II

Rose Playhouse, Bankside

no director 

Richard II poster-2.jpg

The best Shakespeare performance that I have seen for years!!

audience response


Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon

St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch

no director 


It left my blood singing and my bones cold.

audience response